Born in 1992 to Terrence and Patience Zeppelin, Robert is the middle child with older sister Trish leaving for college in 2000, and younger brother Cole, with their father's illegitimate son Zeke bringing up the rear. 

Robert Zeppelin was a problem child growing up, with Cole being the angel and Zeke who was almost always with his mother, barely spent any time wit his brothers. One day while on a family vacation to Star City, Robert, then 7, made friends with a boy named Elliot Sanchez and the two proceded to spy on Elliot's teacher, until his mother let out a terrible scream, prompting Patience to grab Robert and wisk him away from possible danger.

In 2012, he, his brother Cole, and a group of their friends, all students at Battle University, take a Spring Break trip to Neon City, where they plan to spend the majority of their time partying. However, unbeknownst to them, two men had placed a device on a trash can, in the Neon, a few blocks away from the hotel they were staying at, the same two men are who Robert and his friends shoot paintballs at when they are crossing the bridge into the Neon. Robert, and a few of his friends go for a walk, and hear a strange beeping sound, which Robert and his friend Pete go to investigate, upon Robert touching the device that was causing the beeping, a large explosion erupted, destroying most of Neon City, and obliterating anyone that was near the heart of the explosion, except Robert.

Two years later, while at a football game, Robert prevents a riot by using aerokinesis, apparently the explosion had given him control over the elements, for which Robert had been accused of getting by making a deal with the devil, being shunned and outcasted by friends and family for the last two years, all he had left was football buddies; George Williamson, and Robert Battle Jr. After the game, a woman is attacked and killed in an alleyway, whom Robert later learns is his brother's old girlfriend Joyce Goodwin. After locating her attackers and bringing them too justice, Robert finds his calling, and uses his powers for the greater good, and becomes a superhero.

As time passed, Robert's star became too bright for fellow hero Kinect, a member of Team Extreme, and the two came to blows, ending with Kinect's older brother, Slipstream, ending the fight. Robert returned to a newly rebuilt Neon City afterwards, and prepared to spend his Christmas break alone, until his friends, Ravian, Dane, Tiana, David, and Artemis, unbeknownst to Robert, were really Team Extreme, came to spend time with him. Shortly after their arrival, the group is met by a strange girl named June, who befriends them and attends the town celebration with them. While there, the town is attacked by shadow creatures, who hack and butcher bystanders, until Team Extreme and Robert put an end to the Christmas Massacre.