Born Around 4 B.C. in the pits of Hades, Payne Alexander is born, the epitome of a villain, orchestrating events from the failed launch of the Titanic to the repeated invasions of the Wlltra.

Payne originally went under the name Marcus Payne in the year 1912 when he boarded the RMS Titanic on its maiden voyage. After the first few days on the ship, Marcus eventually came into contact with a young man named Alfred Stoker. The two became friends as they lived on the ship day by day, until the night came when the ship slammed into an iceberg. Marcus and Alfred were trapped inside the ship as it sank below the icy surface.

Months after the Titanic incident, Marcus, now known as Dr. Alexander Pane, is living in London as a physician dealing with sleep disorders. One day he gets a visit from Sir Henri Ducarde, who is having trouble sleeping after having to cope with the recent death of his younger sister Sophia. As time goes on, Henri continues to have recurring nightmarrish dreams of his sister, Jason Toombs, Alucard and Mary Stoker, and others, until his final confrontation with Dr. Alexander Pane who reveals himself to be the one behind the recent deaths, and in an instant curses Ducarde's soul to Hell.

In 1999 Payne assumes the name Bram Alucard and becomes a Language Arts teacher in Star City, California. There he meets 10 year old Elliot Sanchez, whom he picks as his next victim, going as far as stealing his parents souls to break the young boy's spirit. After months of playing cat and mouse with Elliot, he finally puts him out of his misery and sets his eyes on a then 7 year old Robert Zeppelin.

In modern day London, Payne resurfaces after woman kills her husband and his lover, and throws their corpses into a gigantic whole. When the man awakens, he finds himself surrounded by the Hounds of Hell, and is soon confronted by the devil himself, Payne Alexander. After an undisclosed amount of time working in the pits, Payne comes to "The Man" with a proposition, to forever more be the one who brings damnation to all, to take his place as ruler of Hades, to which he accepts. Time passes and soon "The Man" now referring to himself as Alexander Beezleberry goes on a rampage throughout London, even tracking down Henri Ducarde, who's soul had escaped Hell. Alex eventually brings back the soul of his lover and they exact revenge on his wife, unfortunetly after her demise, Alex reposseses his lovers soul and returns to an eternity of plotting and stealing souls.