Henri Ducarde was born in 1877, in the heart of London. Growing up life was hard for young Henri, having to take care of his sister Sophia alone after their parents died from an unknown plague in 1885.

After inheriting a small fortune from their paternal grandfather, Henri and his sister moved higher up in the social classes, eventually meeting Alucard and Mary Stoker, the parents of the late Alfred Stoker.

In 1912, Henri and Sophia attend Alfred Stoker's wake, which ends in Sophia becoming enraged with her fiancee, Jason Toombs, and causing she and Henri to leave. Later that night, Henri hears his sister screaming for him, as he runs to her room, he is too late and discovers a creature dangling his sister's near-lifeless body in its claws. As Sophia slowly faded from existence, her last words to Henri being: "The man, who transforms into the beast, shall know the Payne of those he hurts, and shall know no rest from the eyes of the devil himself.".

After the death of his sister, Henri consults Dr. Alexander Payne, who gives him a drug that he hopes will help with his night terrors. Henri departs from Dr. Payne's home and is confronted by Jason Toombs, who asks Henri what he is doing out so late, and begins to tell him about Detective Watson, who had been following him since Sophia's death. Henri ends their conversation at the sound of his sister's name, and is horrified, when he wakes the next morning and learns of Jason's death.

Sometime after these events, a young boy named Alexander Beezleberry visits Henri Ducarde, now going by Henry Dukes.