Born in 1989, Young Elliot Sanchez had a short but adventurous life, and was very close to his parents. A student at Star City Elementary School, Elliot excelled in all subjects, including Language Arts. 

In 1999, Elliot suspected his teacher Mr. Bram Alucard of being a vampire, even going as far as getting his parents to help him with his investigation. One day while at the Star City Park, following his teacher, Elliot meets and befriends a young Robert Zeppelin before hearing his mother scream for help as his father collapsed to the ground, dead.

Weeks after his father's death, Elliot and his mother have had more than enough of Mr. Alucard and begin to assemble an arsenal of garlic, wooden stakes, and silver to deal with the vampiric threat. On a dark, shadowy night Elliot and his mother attempt to kill Bram, who feigns injury when Mrs. Sanchez impales him with the stake. To both of the Sanchez's horror, Bram pulls the stake from his chest and jams it into Elliot's mother, killing her instantly, causing the small child to break down into tears.

Now alone, Elliot attempts to run away, looking back at his mother's lifeless body, as Bram's hands break through the ground below him. Elliot screams as he is dragged down into Hell by none other than Payne Alexander.

In the year 2073, Elliot and his parents are few of the many zombies who reanimate in Star City.